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  • ₹ 50,000/- per head (inclusive of transport, accommodation, F&B)

Master Teacher Educator Certificate

Master Teacher Educator Training (5 - day residential course)

Programme Objectives

  • Critically question and evaluate personal and professional self
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of what facilitation & training in education means
  • Explore theories that underpin education and teacher professional development
  • Critically analyze various principles of adult learning and its application in ground facilitation
  • Develop and critically reflect on their own facilitation styles
  • Critically analyze case studies of difficult training scenarios and demonstrate the skills to deal with them
  • Write an effective training plan and implement it keeping all the components in mind
  • Make meaningful reflections at the end of the session

Programme Schedule

Day One

Understanding Yourself - The Person & The professional - Who are you as a person and a professional? What do we think?

Critically exploring of the Self

Day Two

Understanding Falicitation - What does it mean to facilitate a session?

Critically exploring the nuances of transformative interaction

Day Three

UNDERSTANDING TEACHING & TEACHERS - Who and what about them needs change?

Critically exploring education and educators.

Day Four

Designing & Delivering Pedagogic Content - What and how do we deliver to transform?
Designing and Implementing training sessions


Educators/Trainers with a minimum of two years of experience in schools or corporate sector


₹ 50,000/- per head (inclusive of transport, accommodation, F&B)