Know Us

Teacher Ink is a business for love. It is the manifestation of a deep love for learning, love for children and love for teachers. We firmly believe that meaningful education makes for a better world and that teachers are the most powerful, and the only direct catalysts to this transformation. Teacher Ink defines success very unconventionally. We have no penchant for quantity. Rather, we look at the transformation of an individual as the only measure of our achievement.

We are not a company with big investments or commercials. On the contrary, Teacher Ink began with zero investment. The ideas Teacher Ink believes in, and celebrates, the unconventional and the radical – so, it is not for the faint-hearted. We have realised that unless we think beyond the normal, beyond conventions, especially with education, the transformation will remain a lip service.

Teacher Ink works to support teachers and help them become unconventional, ‘no-box’ thinkers, and highly reflective change-makers. Teacher Ink wants to make high-quality professional development programmes and courses affordable, and easily accessible to all educators irrespective of the schools they work in, or the grades they teach. Teacher Ink is open and happy to invite ideas from people or groups and collaborate with those who are willing to look at an ‘unbound’ form of education.


Founder Director

Ms. Sandhya Gatti

Sandhya has been journeying the teacher education space for over three decades. She holds a Bachelor’s in Education and a Masters’ in Social Work, and true to her belief in lifelong learning, she pursues several courses to strengthen her understanding of education and life. She holds the IB Certificate in Planning, Teaching and Assessment. She is a Certified Programme Leader for the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning and Educational Leadership (Cambridge, U.K).

She has designed and taught international teacher education programmes for several years. She holds a Globally Standardized Certificate in Master Training and Facilitation from a reputed training institute in India. She is a CAER certified trainer for Assessments, Differentiated Instruction and CBSE’s Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). She holds the Master Trainer Certificate for the Intel Teach to the Future Programme. and the Coordinators’ Training Certificate from the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, MIT, Boston, U.S.A.

Having started her career as a teacher of Social Sciences and English, at primary and high school, now for the past fifteen years, she has been actively involved in Teacher Education (International Courses), designing and facilitating modules in creative classroom practices, across India. Besides these, she has written articles for several magazines, including ACER (Australia) and Teacher Plus. She has also co-authored a book on Teaching English Speaking Skills, published by the Cambridge University Press. Trained in the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model (U.K.), she headed an experimental, research-based project that looked at transforming the transactional and didactic culture of interaction in Indian schools.

Earlier, as Coordinator of Programmes at an NGO, she designed educational projects incorporating emerging technology and the creative facets of art, music and theatre for school children and teachers. She is a resource person and content developer for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Pearson. Currently, she heads of International Professional Development Qualifications at a reputed educational company in Bangalore. In partnership with IPE Global, she leads a large-scale project involving training of government school heads and teachers Meghalaya. Besides these, she is on the advisory boards of several schools in Bangalore. A deep reader and Zen practitioner, Sandhya lives unconventionally, loves challenging status quo, and designs all her training programmes with the aim of generating transformative interaction among participating educators. It is with this completely unconventional outlook and approach, that she founded the unique initiative ‘Teacher Ink’ with the sole purpose of empowering teachers to take charge of their own professional and personal growth, and to challenge them to think like reflective academicians and researchers.

Executive Team

Ms. Susmita Shroff

Ms. Susmita has been in the education field for the past 7 years and has close to 10 years’ experience in the corporate sector. Ms. Susmita is the Executive Director at Teacher Ink. She is responsible for organisation and operations at Teacher Ink.

She is also the Programme Leader for Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning (CICTL) and Certified Diploma holder for the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers (CIDTT). She has worked as Exams Officer and a Mentor for the candidates undergoing their Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning with an upcoming Educational Company. She is Jolly Phonics certified from CPD College, Ireland. She also holds a certificate in global career counselling from Univariety & UCLA. Ms. Susmita is affiliated with Univariety, which is India's Leading Career Counselling & College Guidance Platform for K-12 Schools. She works as their strategic training partner. Addionally, she holds Masters’ degree in Commerce and is also a Masters’ in Business Administration with specialization in Finance.

She has been actively involved in teaching and learning audits for schools and has been running the Nursery Teachers’ Training programme for the past 4 years through Teacher Ink. She firmly believes in being a learner throughout life and is passionate about bringing transformation in the lives of teachers.


Dr. Prarthana Gupta

After completing her PhD from the University of Leeds, UK in 1999, Dr. Prarthana Gupta dove into the field of education. From 1999 to 2008 she worked in various capacities of preschool teacher, high school teacher, instructor and principal in different schools across the globe (USA, China, Saudi Arabia and India). Culminating her varied experience and her passion to positively influence the society we live in, she started Cherry Blossoms Pre School in 2008 and Saandeepani Academy in 2011. She firmly believes that a school should teach us how to live and not just how to make a living.

Mr. Gaurav Gatti

Gaurav Gatti is a concept in motion. He is also the founder of “Cheating Chaos”, which was created to instil among young people a sense of confidence, enhanced self-image through the art form of breaking, also known as B-boying. His love and passion for this form, has taken him to a higher plane of discovering self. A product of alternate schooling, Gaurav is determined to take this art form to the young, and help them find a sense of purpose, through leading a fit and healthy lifestyle, while enjoying the joyful benefits of dancing with discipline and abandon - simultaneously!

He has been associated with Teacher Ink as its youngest member to bring in alternative teaching style into being. He represents the younger generation in Teacher Ink!


To transform teachers into thinkers and academicians, empowered to critically reflect and analyze their practice and make informed decision in their classrooms; consequently, creating a lasting and a positive impact on learning and learning outcomes.


  • To make teaching a vibrant, meaningful and thought provoking profession.
  • Bring educators together to become thinking and sharing communities of practice.
  • To equip educators with knowledge, skills and attitudes that empowers them to become agents of transformation.