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  • The duration of these module is half a day
  • Minimum number of participants required - 15

Work with Children

Teacher Ink has designed modules for children keeping in mind that meaningful and important skills and competencies are not addressed in regular scholastic curricula. The interactions in these sessions are deliberately crafted to empower children with critical thinking abilities, and enhance their sensitivity to the world around them.

The module(s) duration ranges from 3 hours to 16 hours, depending on the topics chosen. Some of them are more of an on-going process. The modules are custom designed to cater to elementary, middle and high school youth. The sessions are dialogue-based, discovery-based, largely children-led and experiential in its approach. All young people participating receive a certificate at the end of each module.

S.No. Training Modules Duration (in hours)
1. Philosophy For Children 6 (1 day)
2. Creative Reading 6 (1 day)
3. Creative Writing 6 (1 day)
4. Communication 6 (1 day)
5. Life Skills 6 (1 day)
6. Conflict Management 6 (1 day)


  • Minimum number of participants required - 15
  • All participating students will receive a certificate at the end of the module.
  • All the cheques to be drawn in favour of "Teacher Ink."
  • Travel and accommodation cost to be borne by the hosting school (For schools located outside Bangalore).
  • Please send an email with request to for more details.