Why Counselling

Students have a lot of information at their disposal when it comes to career opportunities, scholarships, college admissions, etc. but they do not know from where to start out on their career planning journey. A career counsellor plays an essential role in the career planning phase and even offers guidance beyond that. As per Ms. Shroff, “It is very important that with such information overload, students have someone to turn to for guidance. A career counsellor listens to the student and guides them in the right direction without any pre-conceived biases or judgments about any particular type of career choices unlike parents who believe that medicine or engineering are better than others. Making informed decisions is the need of the hour and thus a career counsellor’s role holds considerable importance.”

During her stint as a career counsellor and as a trainer for teachers, Ms. Shroff felt the dire need of a robust career counselling system which can enable them to excel. “My vision has been to transform students and teachers into thinkers who can analyze their practice and make informed decisions in their lives.” as quoted by Ms. Shroff.

Ms. Shroff has a natural people management skill which helps her in addressing student and teacher queries. “I am a people’s person and I like working with children and guiding them towards better career opportunities.”

A career counsellor provides students with the much needed clarity of thought regarding careers. A student’s core potential and interest is identified by a career counsellor, thus helping him/ her in choosing a suitable career for that person based on:

  • Interest,
  • Aptitude, and
  • Personality traits, thus making career planning process efficient and simpler.
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